IQS News

August 7, 2020

IQSweb v6.1 will be available starting August 7, 2020. Read more..

  1. Please backup your database before you begin this process.
  2. If you have not already done so please request IRWIN Credentials from your IQS regional representative.
  3. Please download and install IQSweb v6.1
  4. Begin entering new data required for integration into IRWIN.
  5. If you are not currently connected to IRWIN please contact your regional representative to schedule integration. You will receive your credentials on your scheduled date.
June 30, 2009

If you are using any version of IQS prior to 5.0, please contact your States Representative before upgrading to IQSweb. Read more..

What is the Incident Qualification System

IQS logoThe Incident Qualification System (IQS) is a software program that allows the user to track incident qualifications, experience, tasks books and fitness levels for individuals within various organizational levels throughout your agency. IQS also allows the user to analyze the organization's training needs and schedule training based upon the agency needs for incident management personnel.